About Us

Linque Australia is a Melbourne based salon supplier, offering 100% authentic professional products. The business was first put into operation back in 2007 with the trading name of HPD hair salon and beauty supplies. HPD was originally devoted to salon supplies only. As business grew, HPD received a decent number of customers. With your trust and integrity, we aim to provide professional and quality services that make our customers receive beneficial treatment quicker and easier. Today, we provide services to both hairdressers (including home-based, mobile hairdressers and barbers) and non-hairdressers with the best and lowest price. We now have inserted new insights and knowledge into our business, and therefore we have evolved into Linque Australia, a better and thriving company.


Our vision and values are to provide

  (1) the most convenient way;

  (2) the lowest price possible; and

  (3) the best service

to our customers. Our goal is to obtain and maintain your trust. We strive for continuous improvement and therefore our services aim to listen to its customers.